Support Sing for Life

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We rely on our individual supporters for much of our funding. You can help us in two ways: (1) by purchasing a membership and (2) by making a donation.

You can find details about our membership program on our Membership page.

Information on donation options can be found on our Donation page.

Your membership purchase or donation is of significant value, as these contributions help us to demonstrate community support for our work. Membership purchases and private donations contribute 40% of our non-gaming revenue. Revenue from gaming (casinos) has traditionally provided around 50% of our revenues.

Administrative costs are covered through revenue from sources other than member and donor contributions, so every dollar you contribute through your membership purchase or donation goes directly to support programming. The money is used to:

  • Purchase sheet music and commission musical arrangements
  • Hire professional music teachers
  • Purchase musical instruments and teaching materials
  • Provide nutritional food for members of the Edmonton Downtown Men’s Choir and participants in our community outreach programs